Angela (belacey) is a 30 year old movement coach located in Newcastle Australia.

Angela has always been in love with beautiful movement and actively received formal dance training from 6yo through to 18yo, her favourite part of class was always port de bras… unsurprisingly. Was always fascinated by acrobats and contortionists from about the age of 12 and had no where to go feed that particular hunger. At 23 years of age a friend asked her to sign up to a term of pole, the friend never showed up and Angela couldn’t part with it once she started. She now teaches various forms of movement as has been doing so for over 4 years. She’s seen both students and herself compete and place in national level competitions.

Angela’s preferred style of movement is slow and controlled, so most of her classes have a big emphasis on strength and repetition over time

When not teaching or training, Angela enjoys puzzle games (Tetris), films and shows (sci-fi horror is always a winner) and having her sleep interrupted by thoughts of different possible transitions in the air or on the ground. That was pre motherhood Angela… the main focus now is ensuring her little boy is thriving <3